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The size of the Canvas audio link: continued.

I was recently given some helpful advice as to how to change the size of the Canvas audio link using CSS, by changing the size of the media_comment_thumbnail. I passed this info to our IT staff (I do not have admin privileges) who tell me that doing this would mess up the default Canvas video link.  I've had a look at the html and can see references to the media_comment for both audio and video links.

Would it be possible to change the size of the Canvas audio link without effecting the Canvas video link?  Could we change the attributes of the class (instructure_audio_link instructure_file_link) rather than the media_comment?


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I'd love to see a solution to this as well. As a Humanities instructor, I have a table listing dozens of musical tracks, and when you have to attach a playback icon to each of 40+ track titles, it makes for an enormously long, unattractive, unwieldy page. My only option at this point is to embed an outside media iframe that is more customizable, and host the media elsewhere, which will add a huge amount of time and effort to my conversion process....

Thanks, Rashid, for asking this!!!

Edited to add: Alternatively, I will have to re-organize my table in some other way so that it looks a little better, given that each track has to have an icon.

 @stevensons , this project is definitely on the product team's radar--please refer to the comments under --and as a fellow humanities instructor, I sympathize with your design plight!

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Thank you, Stefanie! Yes, I completely scoured the Community for answers but I've now gone into the idea thread you mentioned and added my up-vote. Smiley Happy

In case this is helpful to anyone: For now, I decided to work around the issue by creating a page with tabbed navigation (another ordeal in itself, which I eventually figured out) so that each tab corresponds to one Lesson's audio clips. At least that way, each individual tab isn't TOO lengthy. For each tab, the clips are in a table so that it still looks reasonably organized. I did, though, have to style the table cells with set height and width--otherwise, when you click the audio icon the table cell auto-resizes to the height of the playback horizontal bar. A page that is constantly resizing itself is really wonky from a design/usability perspective!

It really would be fantastic to see this issue solved in the future.

You're welcome,  @stevensons ! I remember working on this with a community member a while back (in this case, we were embedding videos) and you might be interested in looking over our discussion: Table and Videos  I'm thinking your page will look cleaner and perhaps more visually revealing if you could convert the audio to video and upload them to YouTube. Each video could have its own static image that displays throughout the audio selection. You might be able to put sufficient privacy controls on your YouTube channel to protect your content.

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Oh, thanks! I took a look at the discussion you referenced and that would work, too. I just have so many files that it would be a big project to do the conversions and uploads. I may consider it for the future, though. Our campus is currently in the process of rolling over from Blackboard, so I'm using this summer to convert the two courses I teach. This was an unexpected hurdle that popped up...but it's nice to know there are a couple of different workarounds. I also considered Soundcloud (and using their embedded player) but the limitations on the number of minutes I can upload for free might be a problem.

I guess I was basically just hoping in vain that there was an easy something I was missing. :smileyconfused: