Updated Canvas API Documentation

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Recently when sending Canvas api requests for quiz question creation I got to know that the Canvas Documentation have incorrect/missing definitions for some of the fields.
For ex -
QuizQuestions API doc shows the usage of 'blank_id' field in Answer object which is an Integer but I confirmed that it can be better used as a String (verified this by sending a curl request).
QuizQuestions API doc also doesn't shows many fields like correct_comments_html, incorrect_comments_html, neutral_comments_html which can also be used when creating questions. I got to know about these additional fields when I sent a Get QuizQuestion request.
I do see that these docs were updated recently (Jun 14th 2023, can be seen at the bottom of the documentation page) and there are no open issues on the linked Github page for the issues I am seeing. Are there any other updated documentation page Canvas has?

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