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Using Canvas API to generate a Canvas API Access Token

Is there a Canvas API method I can call that will generate a Canvas API Access Token based on an user identity I passed in?

The scenario I have is, we have a list of system level users (used for integration with other systems/tools at the university).
They are Canvas users i.e. they each have a username and password.
During Canvas refresh on test and beta, we have to regenerate their API Access Token by manually login to each user, and go settings, click the button to generate a new token.

Now is it possible with an Account Admin Access Token, I can call the Canvas API to generate these new Access Tokens, so I can automate this process with some code?

Thank you


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 @d_tan ​,

Should these users have access to your production instance in any way?

The reason I ask is that we have gotten around this by generating a production token, then storing that until the next refresh. Since test and beta are a snapshot of production, after the refresh those tokens become valid on the development instances.

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Thank you for your suggestion. Yes, I am aware that production tokens will get migrated to Test after refresh.

In our environment, developers are be given API tokens to Canvas Test environment as part of their development,
however they will not be allowed to access live data on production.