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View Error Reports?

I can see how to create an error report via the API - but where do I view them?

Error Reports - Canvas LMS REST API Documentation 

I'm trying to debug some code, and I am getting an error_report and trying to figure out how to view it.

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Hi  @axelsena . I wish I had an answer for you but I do not. I did move your discussion from the Partners & Platform space into this one where I believe it will get more attention. Cheers!

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The Error Report endpoint is referring to the same action that happens when a user uses the “help -> report a problem” dialog.  This might not be the same sort of thing as the error report you get from your code.

Can you give some information about what causes the error to occur and what is returned?


The error reports to which you are referring are accessible by Canvas support. You should be able to request additional information about a specific error by passing along the error id in a canvas support ticket.

I'm trying to run a content migration and ingest a file via URL but keep getting an error report.

Well that would be great if someone would tell Canvas Support how to access those error reports.  We have been having trouble with the user api after whatever issue Instucture had last week and get nothing but contacts support with error report number messages back and support is totally confused about what those error reports are.  Instead they keep asking for curl commands like we have someone sitting there manually issuing curl statements and not integration tools running the APIs.  APIs that have ran fine for 3 years and have not changed.  Trying to work with support has been EXTREMELY frustrating.

Thank you for posting this,  @james_nelson ‌. We are very proud of our Canvas Support staff, but everyone needs a refresher from time to time, and our support supervisors have taken this as an opportunity to remind their teams how to view error reports.

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It would be really useful if we could view the error reports ourselves. 

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[CanvasUrl]/error_reports /[error#]

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