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We made an integration of CanvasLMS into Discord

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Hi! I'm Noah,
a student at the Karel de Grote Hogeschool in Antwerp who's studying NxTmedia Technology Web Development.

Since the COVID-19 virus changed the way of teaching and following lectures we've been trying to find a solution for the inactivity of students and for centralization of some information. Aftera long time of brainstorming we finnally found a "solution" that should make it possible for students an their teachers to get more attention for announcements that are being published on canvas.

In our school we use discord as a full time replacement of normal tutoring. since we had to do everything online to minimize the contact. Over a short period of time more and more students of were getting used to using discord as a teaching platform. Most of the students already knew Discord as a voice communication platform for gaming. Mostly they were online here instead of Canvas.

What we've created is a bot that makes it possible to create watchlists in text channels that announce new incoming announcements of the courses that are being watched.

This made it possible to reach our students much faster and created a much bigger chance for you that the students would read it.

we've just released the first version of our Discord bot and we would like some opinions! As honest as possible 😉

There is a more detailed explanation on our public GitHub repository for the ones who're interested! Also we've open-sourced the whole project just to support the community and help the ones who need it!

The link of our Open-source Discord Bot

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We just released our V2, after an update of some npm packages we had to rewrite some code.
We're working on a docker package so it is easy to integrate on your docker server.

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Hi Noah @NoahNxT !

That's so cool!!! Seriously cool magic there! I gave a Kudos on the thread but I also wanted to express how awesome it is that you made a Discord integration for Canvas.

Cheers - Shar

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Is it possible to do something like this but for verifying students? We're just using a ticket bot at the moment, but we would like some way to automate it.

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My apologies for the late answer! 
Yes you actually can! In this use case it is just a informative notification bot, but the discord API/packages will allow you to work with direct messages of the bot where you can authenticate with third-party platforms like Canvas for example. From the moment your students did their authentication, you could for example show specific channels linked to specific courses they're following.


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Hey, I was having some trouble trying to get this to work, I was wondering if you could help me...

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@FlynnBrooks Yeah sure! Send me an email with all the information or make an issue on the github and I'll respond ASAP! 😁