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Welcome to the Canvas Developers Group!

I want to welcome all current and future members of this group. It's been a long time goal of many here at Instructure to bring together the development teams of our customers and provide a medium for collaboration and innovation. Brian Whitmer would always say something along the lines: If we can provide a robust platform which is easy for our customers and others to integrate with, we will naturally foster innovation within the education community. Please view this space as your space and ask questions, provide suggestions, discuss ideas or start a project. We look forward to seeing what this group will accomplish!

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Just curious  @karl ​, how will this community group and its related question content be prioritized (or not) with respect to the existing Email Distribution List and #canvas-lms Freenode chat area? Is there a way somehow that these can be cross-referenced more easily in the community? I foresee that someone might want to hit all 3 channels to get their questions addressed by the knowledge experts here. 

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Jeffery, thank you for the question. Honestly, I don't have a concrete vision or have thought much on how the two channels will co-exist. I view this group as more Canvas Institution (think customers) centric while the mailing list and IRC channel are more focused as a channel for Open Source users running Canvas on their own and outside vendors. I also view this space as more of an area for Institutions to connect and collaborate more than I have a question and I'm looking for an answer.

Anyhow, this is an experiment and I'm open to input from the community on how we use this space or don't use this space.