What are the minimum technical requirementes for 500 and 1000 users?

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Salute, dear community!

We have currently a Self-Hosted Canvas LMS T3-Type hosted in an EC2 AWS server. According to our stress test, the successfull rate is 84% over 500 simultaneous conections. Our server features are 32 GB and 8CPU, unlimited transferences and 640GB storage.

We are planning to have between 500 and 1000 users connected simultaneously, that's why I need your help with the following questions:

  1. What are the successfully rate for simultaneous connectios with similar server-features according to your own stress tests? So we can compare and to know if our 84% is normal or not.
  2. What are the recomendations for server requirements for 1000 users simultaneously?
  3. Do you recomend another kind of setup to increase the sucessfull rate for the connections or to get the 100%?

Thank you very much.

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