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What is the use case for the Brand Config and Shared Brand Config APIs?

I'm looking for the best way to retrieve brand_variables for an account/sub-account.  It seems that the brand config API only returns brand variables for the account (top-level no-sub accounts).  I have attempted to parse through the Shared Brand Configs documentation several times with no luck.  My understanding is that you can share a theme programmatically without having to apply it to the account, but don't other (admin level) users have access to these themes per sub-account in the theme editor?  Where is the MD5 found that is required for the request to share a theme?  Where are the themes retrieved?  There doesn't seem to be an endpoint that will return all of the saved configs.

Whether or not you can answer the questions above, I'd love to hear about it if you've had experience using these APIs so I can better understand the use case.

Side Note: I have been able to access brand variables for sub-accounts in other locations (like in the window.CANVAS_ACTIVE_BRAND_VARIABLES object) thanks to posts in this community.  But since this only works when you are on a page belonging to the necessary sub-account, I am curious if there is a better way.

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