What's the best way for an LTI app to get a list of teachers?

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I've been working on an LTI app for Canvas that aggregates information about instructors within the account. There doesn't seem to be a great way to do this and I'm wondering if I'm missing something. Currently, I have an ugly and super-slow multi-step process via the API where I get all courses, then get the teacher enrollments from each course, then get the corresponding users. For big accounts, this does not work well.

I just found some information in the LTI spec about a Membership Service (Learning Tools Interoperability: Implementing Membership service | IMS Global Learning Consortium ) It looks like the spec expects a consumer (like Canvas) to provide a link at which the tool can request users within that context (and allows for filtering by role). From what I can tell Canvas doesn't do this, though? The parameter listed in the spec doesn't appear to be included in Canvas's launch request. Am I missing it? Is there a way to activate it or request it somehow in the way you configure the tool maybe?

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