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When to authenticate an LTI

If an LTI isn't pushing anything back into Canvas, and is using OAuth2 (OAuth2 - Canvas LMS REST API Documentation ) to extract a token to make an api call, is there a need to authenticate the LTI before making the OAuth2 call?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @mlewis23 ,

I am going through having a look at some of the early days in the Canvas Developers group, and checking in to see if older enquiries have been answered. I also noticed there hasn’t been any discussion on this question.

I am wondering, were you ever able to resolve this yourself? I am hoping I can assume that it is well and truly resolved by now, but if not, please let us know and we can certainly have another look. Alternatively, if have some insights you may be able to share for others that would be awesome too!

I will mark this as assumed answered for the time being, however, by all means please let us know if you still have an outstanding question and we will take a peek!