Where do I find data from Canvas Catalog in my Google Analytics 4?

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Hi all, 

I have connected my Google Analytics with the Google Analytics ID on the Canvas Catalog, however, I am unsure of where to find the data from the Canvas Catalog in Google Analytics. Does anyone know where this information gets put in GA4? Additionally, what kind of information will I be able to get? I'm curious on clicks on specific course cards, and conversions for how many people who are on the specific card's detailed page convert by registering, and the average time on the pages, etc. If anyone else has done this, I would appreciate hearing about your experiences and what you've done to be successful in tracking with google analytics from your website to the canvas catalog. I really want it to be seamless. I've only used Google Analytics but mostly with platforms that have their own "add-to-cart" features added on their websites directly or connected with Shopify. I've never done this with Canvas Catalog.