access token with multiple course roles, missing anonymous_id in submissions

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We created an external Canvas application. within the application we use several API calls to get information from Canvas. The access for these API calls is determined by the Canvas user using our application (OAuth2).

One of the API calls we do, is getting all submissions. Included in the results is "anonymous_id".

If the Canvas user has the role "Teacher", all is fine. However, if the user is of role "Coordinator", "anonymous_id" is empty. So it seems an access-rights problem.

We have a Canvas user who has 2 roles "Coordinator" and "Teacher". Within Canvas UI the role with most access-rights is the one being used. But it seems with the API, the first role counts. So our user is not able to get the "anonymous_id", even though the user also has the "Teacher" role.

What can we best do? Is it possible to get an access token of the role with most access-rights? Or should we change the access-rights of the "Coordinator" role?  Don't know if this creates too much access for the role on the UI side.

Any advice is welcome.

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