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how to develop new LTI 1.1 Lunch url in tools provider in spring application



I am new to LTI integration and i am working as Tool provider using Spring, how to develop LTI 1.1 Launch URL and how to create new app application to integrate Canvas/Schoology LMS and is there any standard to generate consumer key and secret values for LTI 

Does any have reference implementation document step by step and mainly how to build Launch and deeplink Launch URL using LTI

Please anyone can help me on this issue.

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It's up to you as to how you generate your key and secret. You can manually generate them or allow users to set them (bad as they often pick poor secrets). Another option is to use something like HMAC to allow multiple keys/secrets without having to store anything other than the secret used for the HMAC.

We've built several LTI 1.1 tools and have used Spring Boot along with Spring Security. We started out using the K-State libraries ( but ended up creating our own fork that updated the K-State library to work with Spring Security there's also a demo application that uses this library

More recently we have been building applications that support just LTI 1.3 and have a library to support that: