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quick question on assignment overrides

We need to create multiple assignments (via API) and assign each of these to a particular subset of students (who will be enrolled on one or more of several specific course sections).

Looking at the API documentation here it says "must identify an active section of the assignment's course not already targetted by a different override".

To me that reads like I can assign an assignment override to a particular section only once - if I tried to assign that section to another assignment override it would fail. But this doesn't seem right at all - I'm sure I could allocate multiple assignments to a particular section via the UI.

Am i just reading it wrong?



I've tested this and been able to assign a section to more than one assignment as an override. So although I still don't understand the quote above from the API documentation, at least that works...


My new/next state of confusion relates to the "create assignment" call ( and the "assignment[assignment_overrides][]" parameter. How the heck do I use that to add a "List of overrides for the assignment"??? I've tried every variation of syntax I can think of but I can't get it to work 😢 

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just to add i am of course planning on setting up a test, just wanted to ask ahead if somebody already knows