5 Golden Rings Giveaway: Course Stickers


5 Golden Rings Giveaway: Instructure Learning Services5 Golden Rings Giveaway: Instructure Learning Services


Course Stickers

What’s Included in This Post?
• A set of course stickers!
• Instructions on how to add to your course!

Can you believe that today is the last of our 5 Golden Rings Giveaway? To wrap up our holiday giveaway, we wanted to send you off with gold to make your course shine! Course stickers! Who doesn’t love fun course assets? And these cute pandas are priceless! Cute set of 8 panda course stickersCute set of 8 panda course stickers

How to Get Them

Did you know you can add these and other graphics wherever the Rich Content Editor (RCE) appears in Canvas? Here are a few ways to use these Pandas to make your course sparkle:

  • Add to instructor feedback on student work
  • Jazz up your course announcements
  • Personalize discussion posts 

The possibilities for integrating these assets into your Canvas course are endless. To grab your copy of this freebie, visit our Panda Stickers Google Slide Deck.

How to Add Them to Your Course

 After getting your own copy, follow these 5 steps to add a sticker to your course.

  1. Select the slide.
  2. Click File > Download > PNG image (.png, current slide).
  3. Rename the image.
  4. Upload to the course files.
  5. Insert your new image using the Rich Content Editor.
Final Thoughts


Thank you for joining us this week as we spoiled you with some goodies! We hope you have a restful and well-deserved break! Take some time to visit us in the Community when you return!


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