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Community Team
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In January, @rseilham and I shared It's Due! - A Self-Paced Course with the Community. We hope that being able to experience the assignment submission process from the perspective of a student was helpful! 

Thank you to the 180 participants who enrolled in the course! We are happy you joined us and took the time to learn about (or refresh your knowledge of) the Canvas Student app.

We're happy to announce that the course is available in Canvas Commons! Feel free to use it on your campus or for your own exploration as you prepare coursework for next term. There are so many possibilities -- for brand new hires and those who are super-Canvas-savvy, completely optional or part of professional learning! It would even make a great refresher for instructional designers! You may also remix it a little so it best fits your needs. (Please mind the copyright notice on it though.)

If you have any questions or if you'd like to collaborate, let us know! If you download and use the course on your campus, leave a comment, sharing tips or celebrations!