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Canvas Student Release Notes (iOS 6.17)

Canvas Student Release Notes (iOS 6.17)

In Canvas Student 6.17, file sharing extension previews for PDFs and screen recordings have been added.

Canvas iOS app version updates are distributed in a phased rollout, which distributes the update to all users enrolled in automatic updates over time. The features in these notes may not immediately be available, but iOS users can manually update the app at any time in the iTunes Store. The Canvas Student iOS App requires iOS 14.0 or later.

Release Notes Change Log


Updated Features

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File Sharing Extension Preview Update

When submitting an assignment using the file sharing extension, a preview displays for PDF’s and screen recordings.

File Sharing Extension PDF PreviewFile Sharing Extension PDF Preview

A preview displays before submitting PDF’s and screen recordings when using the file sharing extension.


Release Notes Change Log



2022-08-24 Release Notes Published


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