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7 Best Apps For Students

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We usually talk about the risks of having your smartphone or tablet close when you are studying, since they are an inexhaustible source of interruptions and distractions. But these devices can also become your best allies if you use them properly. Would you like to know what are the best apps for students ? Keep reading because we have compiled the best Apps for students like you.

It is undeniable that the mobile, along with other devices, has become an inseparable companion in our day to day. We use it for countless things, perhaps making and receiving calls has become secondary. We use the mobile to communicate with friends and family, listen to music, exercise, practice meditation, etc. And for each of these functionalities we use an application. If you are a student, why not make the most of your mobile for this important part of your life?

The applications that we can use to study can help you take notes, organize your study time, save and organize documents, stay focused, learn languages, etc. And all these applications are in your app store (App Store or Google Play) with just one click. But since we know that the world of apps is an almost infinite universe, we have thought that it would be very helpful for you to know some of the best apps that you can use when studying.

1. Evernote


This application is one of the most powerful on the market to manage notes and take notes, since it allows you to capture information in different ways: written, web or screen captures, photos, voice notes, video, PDF, ... One of the things The most interesting features of this app is being able to combine documents of different types, such as making a handwritten annotation on a photo captured at the moment and another on file, or taking a web capture and adding an audio file, a document and a photo ... You can also attach documents from the Office package.


With Evernote you can organize all your documents and information, and you can access them from your computer, mobile or tablet, since it allows the synchronization of the application in real time with all your devices. In addition, it also allows you to work online with other users and synchronize shared files. Without a doubt, a very interesting application when taking notes and organizing all this documentation.


Evernote has a free version, which is limited, and a paid version. It is available on iOS, Android, MacOs and Windows.


2. One Note


The One Note application, from the Office 365 package, is another of the most notable when it comes to managing documents and taking notes. It allows you to type on the keyboard or by hand, as well as take voice notes, draw, cut out web elements. It is also possible to draw with it thanks to its flexible canvas, as well as digitizing the notes you have on paper.


Like Evernote, One Note allows text search in all those notes that you have taken by hand, as well as in the documents that you have scanned. This functionality is very useful when you have to search for a specific text or document.

One of the remarkable things about this application is the possibility of working online with other users, so that everyone can modify or complement the initial content. In addition, being the property of Microsoft, it allows you to work perfectly with the other applications of the Office package. It has a simple and modern interface. All this makes One Note one of the best apps for taking notes and organizing documentation. It is available on iOS, Android, MacOs and Windows.


3. Google documents


Google Docs, also known as Google Docs, is the word processor for Google's office suite. You will find this application installed by default in smarphones that have the Google operating system installed, as well as in chromeboks. In case you have an Iphone or iPad you can also install it. And of course, you can work with Google Documents from any browser.


We have chosen this application because you can always take it with you, regardless of the device you are working on, you will have access to all your documents, create new ones and modify existing ones.


Google Documents allows you to work without an internet connection, and the moment you reconnect it will update the changes you have made. All the documents you generate will be automatically saved in the Google cloud, so they will always be accessible and safe.


One of the characteristics that we like the most is the way in which it facilitates collaborative work, since you will be able to invite other users to work on certain documents, so that you can work simultaneously on a class assignment with the rest of your team members.


4. Google Calendar


Google Calendar is Google's calendar, and you can access it from your Google account. In this calendar you will be able to organize and plan your entire student life, from marking the days and times of your exams to planning and blocking time to study next week. Without a doubt, a calendar is an indispensable tool for the organization and planning of the study, and we think that the Google calendar is one of the best options.


In Google Calendar you can schedule your events, enter reminders and set your goals. The reminder works as an attached note that will appear at the time you schedule it and you can delete or postpone it once you see it. These reminders can be punctual or periodic. The objectives are set by you, and the app gives you different options on what you want to do. Once you set your goals you can choose the frequency with which you are interested in carrying out the activity and the application will find a place in your schedule so that you can carry them out. If what you want is to add an event, the app allows you to differentiate it with colors and add photographs, files or alarms for your events.


In the application you can configure different views (day, week or month) which will allow you to see at a glance the month's planning or see in more detail everything you have to do during a specific day. In addition, Google Calendar is synchronized with other Google applications, such as Gmail.


Like the other applications in the Google office suite, this application is free and available on iOS and Android, as well as on the web.


5. Todoist


Todoist is one of the best list and task management applications. You can easily enter all the tasks you have to do and classify them into folders to organize the scope of each task (studies, work, staff, etc.). You can also assign labels to the tasks to later filter them (for example, you can put the computer label for all those tasks in which a computer is necessary to perform them).


Like most to-do and task management apps, you can set deadlines and reminders for your tasks. In this way, if you have to deliver a job within a month, you can set the deadline for the delivery date and a reminder a few days before so that you do not forget.


Todoist allows collaborative work, that is, it allows you to share tasks with other people and thus manage teamwork more easily. In addition, this application has a gamification part that aims to boost your productivity, since the more tasks you complete, your "Karma" will increase.


Todoist has a free version and a premium version, which is paid. In addition, you can use this application on all platforms.


6. Be Focused


This app is based on the Pomodoro technique. With it you can plan the time you dedicate to each job and divide it into time intervals. It is a simple application that will allow you to stay focused and focused for a period of time.


Be Focused allows you to personalize the time you dedicate to each work interval, as well as the time dedicated to short and long breaks. In addition, you can visualize in a graph your progress to know how much time you have dedicated to each task. Simple and effective, basically a Pomodoro timer. Available for iOS.


7. Forest App


Forrest App is an application, based on the Pomodoro study technique, that will help you stay focused during your study sessions or work. We love this app because it adds a touch of gamification to avoid interruptions during periods of concentration.


How does the Forrest App work? It is very simple, you program a task and you start the clock. Right now you are planting the seed of your virtual tree. During the next 30 minutes your tree will grow, until it becomes a beautiful tree after 30 minutes of concentration. Every 30 minute period you will get a new tree until, little by little, you will get to have your own forest.


What happens if during your 30 minutes of concentration you leave the application and go to consult Instagram or answer a WhatsApp message? Well, your tree will die, and if you are a good person you will feel bad. It is a visual and enjoyable way to be clear about the time you have been able to stay focused and be productive. The best? You will be able to exchange your virtual trees for real ones and with your study time you will contribute to reforest endangered areas.


This application is available on all platforms.


Credits: Techshali/AndroidCure

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