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Canvas Network Frequently Asked Questions

Canvas Network Frequently Asked Questions


What is Canvas Network?

Canvas Network is an online platform that offers free, open professional development courses that support K-12 and Higher Ed (HE) educators. Canvas Network courses are taught by educators from around the world and focus on ways to help educators thrive in their classrooms and their careers.

What types of courses are offered on Canvas Network?

Canvas Network courses focus on professional development for educators (K-12/HE). Course content may cover a variety of topics, including the following:

  • Specialized teaching techniques or educational approaches that can be used in many different subject areas (e.g. differentiation, literacy strategies, etc.)
  • Developing an instructor’s technical, quantitative, and analytical skills to analyze student performance data
  • Technological skill development to improve teaching effectiveness and student performance
  • Improving fundamental teaching techniques (e.g. classroom management, framing questions to elicit critical thinking, etc)
  • Specialized skill development to better teach and support certain populations (e.g. students with learning disabilities, non-native language speakers, etc.)
  • Training courses that allow educators to acquire leadership skills
  • Canvas Network courses do NOT focus on increasing knowledge in a specific content area (e.g. economics, math, history, etc.), nor do they provide instruction for teaching specific content in a classroom


How do I offer a course on Canvas Network?

You can teach a Canvas Network course if your institution meets any of the following criteria:

  • Is a two-year or four-year college or university
  • Is a K-12 school
  • Is part of an academic partnership or consortia
  • Is a nonprofit organization with an education or public service mission
  • Is part of a government agency with an education mission
  • For-profit companies will be considered if courses are offered in collaboration with an educational institution or organization

If your institution fits the necessary criteria, you can begin your request to teach a course in Canvas Network by sending an email to Include your institution’s name, the course name, a brief course description, and the target audience of the course. Once the Canvas Network Team receives your email, you can expect a reply and a request for additional information in approximately 5 buisness days.

What is the cost of offering a course on Canvas Network?

Canvas Network does not charge institutions a fee to offer a course on our platform. However, institutions may incur internal costs associated with marketing their course (e.g. social media, blog posts).

How do I get help with Canvas Network as an instructor?

  • To learn more about configuring and using Canvas features, check out the Canvas Instructor guides.
  • To find instructional design resources and connect with other instructional designers, visit the Instructional Designers group hub.
  • To submit a support ticket, email Be sure to include that you teach a Canvas Network course.


How do I get help with Canvas Network as a student?

  • Ask a question in your Canvas Network course in the Help discussion forum.
  • To learn more about using Canvas features, check out the Canvas Student guides.
  • To view frequently asked Canvas Network questions, visit the Canvas Network FAQ page.
  • To submit a support ticket, email Be sure to include that you are enrolled in a Canvas Network course.
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