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Canvas New Feature Screencasts (2021-08-21)

Canvas New Feature Screencasts (2021-08-21)


Release Screencasts for Canvas Release Notes (2021-08-21) 

Feature Previews

  • New Analytics: Online Attendance | @carlycurran 
  • New Quizzes: Quiz Printing, Quiz Printing Types | @SuSorensen 
  • Rich Content Editor: Accessibility Checker Indicator | @dlyons

For feedback on any of these features, please see the Q&A threads in the individual feature videos.

To view subtitles for this video, click the CC button in the toolbar when available.

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Individual Videos

To view and share individual segments from this screencast, view the following links:

Release Screencast: New Analytics (Online Attendance)

Release Screencast: New Quizzes (Quiz Printing & Quiz Printing Types)

Release Screencast: Rich Content Editor (Accessibility Checker Indicator) 



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