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Accessibility in Canvas

I am the Assistive Technology Coordinator for a small k-12 school district outside of Austin, Texas.


  • #1  I am struggling with using our Text to Speech tool (Snap&Read Universal by Don Johnston) in Canvas Quiz--it would appear that the text is "inaccessible" (i.e., the text reader does not recognize the words on the page as text).  I have to use the OCR function on Snap&Read in order to have text scanned and then read.  This seems to be a problem with the NEWER quiz format.  Why is this happening and how can Canvas make the text accessible?  Many students have oral administration as part of their accommodations.
  • #2  I am unable to use our Word Prediction/Speech to Text tool (Co:Writer Universal by Don Johnston) in Canvas Quiz.  Again this seems to be a problem with the NEWER quiz format.  For our learners who require these tools to compose responses I am wondering WHY our extension is not working within Canvas.

I am not looking for another tool to use within Canvas--I would like the tools that we have invested in to work on Canvas Quizzes and/or Canvas to build in native accessibility tools for Text to Speech, Speech to Text, and Word Prediction.

Any one else struggling with these issues?



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Have you looked at ReadSpeaker?  We offer a certified TTS solution that can be embedded within Canvas that reads most of Canvas content.  And if you combine it with our browser extension iFrame content is easily supported.  Also, attached is our recent Canvas Live Stream.


Join ReadSpeaker and Pasco eSchool as they discuss how the need for accessibility tools became critical during the pandemic and how ReadSpeaker's suite of to...