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Accommodation in Quizzes

We would like to add the following accessibility/accommodation option in Canvas quizzes:

  • Allow teachers to assign the quiz to one student, but have that student have different quiz settings than the rest of the class. (i.e. not shuffling questions and answers, etc.).

This question has not been answered in any of the forums yet, so please do not archive it. Also this does not fall into the "Immersive Reader" answer. We need to assign a quiz (not an assignment) to our visually impaired students by giving them different quiz settings than the rest of the class. Is this a feature Canvas can add or is our only option to make two different copies of the quiz? Thank you.

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What specific "different quiz settings" are you trying to assign for the visually impaired students?

You can use the Moderate Quiz settings to grant extra time or extra attempts on the quiz to individual students.  See 

You can also assign different due dates or a wider range of availability dates under the Quiz Settings.  See 


Thank you for your response. To elaborate on my above example: We would like to shuffle the questions and answers for the class but not shuffle anything for our visually impaired students. We have to translate the quiz into braille in advance and so it needs to match the online quiz order. It would be a great accommodation feature to make one quiz and assign certain settings for individual students. Right now we’re making multiple copies of the quizzes for different accommodations. This accommodation  is something that could hopefully be added as a feature. I appreciate your time. Thank you!

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I think you're doing it right at the moment and there's not a better way currently.  Just make different quizzes and assign them to the different students only.  Since the non-accommodation quiz probably has so many more students, you might want to create sections in the course to organize the students, and then select the relevant section in the Assign To field for each quiz.

There is no option for shuffling questions and answers for some students and not others for the same quiz, since that's not really recognized as an "accommodation setting".  As @gpillsbury  suggested, the only way you can do this is to have 2 copies of the quiz, one set to shuffle and the other not, and assign each version only to the appropriate students.