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How to release certain modules to specified users, not based on the pre-requisites?

I need to open certain additional modules to a group of students, but hide these files from the rest of the students, 

I've recently moved from Blackboard, and they have Advanced Adaptive Release feature that allows to make files available only to certain users.

I am looking for something similar in Canvas. Is there anything like that in Canvas?

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HI @olena_gor 

I'm not familiar with Blackboard's Advanced Adaptive Release. Since I'm not sure I fully understand what you need to accomplish, I will mention Mastery Paths, which might be what you are looking for. 

How do I use MasteryPaths in course modules? - Canvas Community (

Unfortunately, Canvas doesn't have a way to release modules to only a select group of students. The only alternative I can think of is to create an assignment and only assign it to the students in question.  On the assignment page you can link the files you mentioned. Only the students who have been assigned that assignment will see it. 

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