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Can you add other apps inside Canvas for students?  Such as Achieve3000, Zearn or their other textbook apps?

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Community Coach

Hello  @hawlesa ...

I'm not really sure what you are your question could be interpreted two ways.

  • If you are asking Instructure (the people who make Canvas) to add additional apps in Canvas for student use, then this is usually not a request that you should make to Instruture.  Rather, you should reach out to the people at Achieve3000 or Zearn to see if they would consider developing an integration with Canvas.
  • If you are asking if apps like Achieve3000 or Zearn can already be integrated into Canvas, then I would point you to the EduAppCenter website where the vast majority of all third-party LTI external apps are listed.  There may be others that are not listed on this page, but this website lists a great deal of them.  I do not see either Achieve3000 or Zearn listed on this page.  However, I did search Google, and this search result found the following:
    • Achieve3000 Single Sign-On LTI – ClassLink (not sure if the information here could be used to integrate with Canvas or not ... though some of it looks a little bit like what Canvas would need to set up the integration)

Hopefully I've covered the bases with your question, Susan.  If you've still got questions, however, please let Community members know, and we'll try and help as best we can.  Be well...stay safe.

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