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Adding users to courses

Hi all - 

When we began our transition over to Canvas one of the first videos was to add the users.  So we added our students, but this was about a month and a half ago so I unchecked the box to notify them of the new account.  

Now however, I would like to add them to courses and it is telling me they are not verified.  Do I need to delete them and read them and let them receive the email?

One more question - if we are moving students from our old platform over to this one - is there a way to mark complete and transfer their grades for what they have already completed?




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Community Coach
Community Coach


Are you trying to add them to the course by email address, or by login name?  You should be able to add them by login name (which may or may not be the same as their email address) even if they have not verified their email.

As for your second question, there's not really an easy way to transfer grades from another system into Canvas.  The grade import function is really designed for instructors to export the Canvas grade book as a spreadsheet, enter a grade for a particular assignment, then import it back into Canvas.  However, it's possible that tool might work for you.  See https://