Can Google Forms be automatically graded in Canvas?

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I'm new to Canvas, and I use Google Forms to collect student info that I like to have as a required assignment with points given in my course. Right now I have my google form embedded in my course, but I also have a requirement set that students must get 10/10 before moving on with the course. I'm having a hard time keeping up with the grading because I'm not notified when students make a submission--I just have to check daily and update grades that way. I'm wondering if there is a better way. Is there a way to make the form an assignment where if the students make a submission, Canvas will automatically grade it? Could this be done somehow by linking my google drive and making the assignment that way? I'm not quite sure how to use google assignments in Canvas yet... but I use google drive a lot, so I'm looking forward to figuring that out. Hope this all makes sense!

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 @jbeecher , I don't believe there is any way to do this using a Google product. Yet, I do something like this (a general student information survey) using quizzes in Canvas and it works really well. I create a quiz in Canvas, but set it to be a graded survey - I use graded survey because there are no right/wrong answers for these questions, but if you had right/wrong answers then you could use a regular graded quiz.

Once I create the quiz shell (and pick the quiz type), I then add the questions I want the students to answer. When students take the quiz in Canvas it is automatically graded and students are awarded their points. So no manual grading or unlocking needed. 

Does this sound like something that would work for you?


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@david_fogliatti - I couldn't agree more. 

I know this idea is dead in the water, but Canvas should have a simple integration with Google Forms to allow for scores from Google Forms to be put directly into Canvas. Aeries does it, why can't Canvas? 

Well the answer is because nothing every changes in Canvas, and they don't want you using Google, they want everything housed in their platform. And this is to the detriment of countless teachers who have spent countless hours making amazing Google Forms that are now rendered nearly useless (or will take a lot of time to enter the grade manually). Canvas, when will you actually listen to the teachers who are using your platform and make simple changes? 

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