Can canvas handle extra credit yet? Frustrated.

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My students regularly feel that they are doing worse than they are because Canvas doesn't seem to have a method of setting an auto-graded quiz to be extra credit. 

Has Canvas fixed this, and I am just missing it?  There have been promises that this feature was coming since we first adopted Canvas many  years ago.

Extra credit is a basic feature of most classes.  If there is still no way to do this, then it is unbelievable if Canvas still doesn't have a way of handling this smoothly.

If the Canvas team is reluctant to add this, can they could at least remove a check within the grade book so that we can enter negative scores?  That would allow us a hack to fix it, even if it is an ugly solution.  [This is probably just a matter of removing one line of code that checks for negative points.]

So my questions:

  • If this feature already exists, could somebody tell me how to access it?
  • If this feature "is coming" could somebody on the Canvas team give me a non-fictional date as to when to expect it?  It has been more than 4 years. 

I remember when we were deciding whether to go with Canvas or Blackboard, and I was on the Canvas side of things.  But Blackboard has this feature--so I might have been on the wrong side of things.

4 years is enough time to bring AAA titles and enterprise-level software from conception to release.  A product with state-wide contracts should be able to handle a basic feature like this.


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