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I don't see my course anywhere. Can anyone help?

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Hi Jessica and welcome to the Canvas Community.

I can understand how frustrating that is.

There could be a few reasons why you cannot locate your course on your Dashboard:

  • Perhaps it is in 'Courses' 
  • If you are self-enrolling in a course using a join code or URL, you may not have completed the registration process. Check your email for information from your instructor as to how to enroll in your course.
  • If your institution enrolled you in your course, your enrollment may not have been set up properly. Please contact your instructor(s) for assistance.
  • Each course is associated with a specific access date. Depending on the date associated with the course, you may not yet be able to view your course.
  • Courses must be published by your institution before you can access them. If a course is not accessible to you in your course list, it may not be published.
  • Access to concluded courses may be restricted by your institution.
  • Confirm your browser is up to date. Outdated browsers cannot support Canvas courses. Which browsers does Canvas support? 

I hope one of these can help.

Sing out if you need a hand.

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