Can uploaded files be shared in multiple classes?

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I have several short video lectures to be shared with three Canvas classes. Can I upload too ??where?? in Canvas -- a folder and then access them from each course? These videos are for my students only, not for the general public or other course instructors. 

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 @audio_city , yes, you would upload the videos to each of your three Canvas courses, either to the Files area of the course or directly to the area where you'd like the videos to display for your students through the Rich Content Editor. I used a lot of videos in my instruction, and I liked to embed them in Canvas pages so that I could add explanatory text above and below for context—but you can also simply add the file link to a module if you prefer. You'll find instructions in

How do I upload a file to a course? 

How do I upload a video using the Rich Content Editor as an instructor? 

A note of caution: even short videos can quickly eat up a course's file storage quota. As I said, I used a lot of videos when I was teaching, but I always uploaded them to YouTube and set their visibility to unlisted so they would not display in YouTube searches or be visible to anyone who didn't have the link. Once you've uploaded to YouTube it's an easy matter to capture either the URL or the embed code for subsequent use wherever you want to place them in your Canvas course.

Good luck!

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