Can we engage Turnitin on Canvas quizzes without uploading and cutting and pasting??

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We are putting English placement essays on Canvas Quizzes and want to control for plagiarism using Turnitin:   

  1. We can't cut and paste hundreds of essays onto Turnitin.   
  2. We strongly prefer that students write directly onto the Canvas Quiz page, but Turnitin only works, it seems, when students upload a file.

Previous answers in the Community haven't been positive. Please advise if there's a solution.

Robert T.

Lander College

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You can use a file upload question on a quiz, grab the files, and then check them in the TII web portal. Otherwise, as ericwerth‌ says, you can grab a CSV of student responses and run them through the quick check on the TII site, but this will result in a single report for all students on that quiz, and the instructor will have to scroll through the report to check each student. Those are the best workarounds I know of. ‍♂

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