Can you as the teacher upload assignments for students en masse?

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As the question title says - if the tutor is an art teacher and has taken photographs of everyone's work and wants to upload them all - is there a faster way of doing it than going in to each students account one at a time?

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Hi  @stephen_taylor  - I cannot think of a good way to do this the way you describe, specifically, but allow me to point out some features in Canvas for future reference that might help in similar situations.  Perhaps even the first one, below, would work.

If the tutor (and students) were not concerned about seeing each other's images, in theory the tutor could create folders for each student's name on his/her own computer, place the images for each student into each proper folder, and then ZIP up that entire selection of folders.  The tutor could then upload the zip file into the FILES area of Canvas (as shown on How do I upload ZIP files as an instructor? ) and then Canvas would automatically upload them with the same folder names.  The would assume, however, that in this specific course site the Files area is accessible to students.  And again, this also assumes that students would be able to see each other's folders and that this would be okay with the students as well as the photographer.

As for any future solutions in similar cases, if this was an assignment originally, then the answer would be yes.  Instructors can download all submissions from students at once as a zip files (see How do I download all student submissions for an assignment? ), and then after grading it and not changing the file names as submitted at all (that's important!) the instructor can then re-zip the submissions and upload them, and the uploads will automatically be dispensed to the correct students, as described here:  How do I upload all student submissions for an assignment?   In this specific case, however, this would not really work as effectively. The student would have to submit a JPG or a photo of their work to "count" as the original submission.  I suppose, in theory, they could submit a blank Word document as an assignment, and then the tutor could copy/paste an image into the Word document and upload their "submission" back to them this way, but realizing this is an art class where image quality would matter, I could see where this would not be a great way to do it.

Anyway, the immediate answer is:  yes in FILES if anonymity is not an issue, and definitely yes IF there were originally an assignment with a submission involved that could be commented on and returned to the student.

I hope this helps a bit, Stephen.  I know it's not exactly what you're looking for, though.

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