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Can you create a common file for all students regardless of class?

Is there any way to put institution wide files in canvas?  For example, a video file that tells them how to use Canvas (as opposed to putting in a link).  Or if we have a specific file about how we (as an institution) use a certain app or a file sharing platform, etc?

I know I can put links to files on google drive or youtube or whatever, but I'm thinking of files that are unique to the institution (or just to be able to "brand" these files?  Looking for a common area for students to access.



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Community Coach

Good afternoon, @buchanan0306 ...

As a Canvas administrator for our school's Canvas environment, I would find something like this incredibly helpful...especially when we are posting global announcements to our Canvas dashboard.  Although I have been able to go into "Account" >> "Files" and then embed images into our global announcements, I haven't been able to do the same for files such a Word documents and PDF files.  Have you considered reaching out to your school's IT department to see if they would have any space on your school's web server to store documents that you could link to?  That way, they aren't out on Google Drive, Dropbox, etc., but rather they are stored on web space that your school owns...and that maybe you could maintain on your own with permission from that department.  Just a thought for you to consider...