Canvas Notifications for Student Replies to Announcements

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I am not receiving notifications in my email when students reply to my announcements.  I believe I may have figured out why but do not know how to remedy it.  The information I have read is that I will receive notifications if I am the person who created the announcement, which I am.  

Previously I learned how to import announcements from one section to another and that is what I did this semester.  Here is the problem, when I imported them my picture did not appear with each of them as it does when I create a new announcement.  I am guessing there is a link error as it is not noting that both courses are mine.  I am guessing that since my picture does not appear, it does not recognize it is my announcement and therefore does not send me the notification.  

How do I help Canvas recognize that the announcement is mine if I Import it?

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 @landonb , greetings! It's not a link error that your picture doesn't show up as the person who created the announcement. This is actually a known feature to help with Instructional Designers and others who build courses for people and wouldn't want their names showing up on the course for students, so once a course is copied, it removes the name and picture for announcements and discussions.

For the main issue, of you not getting notifications about your announcements, I believe you are correct. I double-checked Announcement notifications and it does specifically say it's for "Replies to announcements you've created." I'm not sure there is a way to get Canvas to recognize announcements as "yours" if they are imported - mainly for the reason above - lots of people create announcements for classes that aren't theirs and they WANT Canvas to forget that they've created the announcement once it's copied. You could create a feature idea for this in the Ideas‌ area of the Community. That way others could comment and vote on the importance of having this functionality.


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