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Canvas Studio assignment submissions 'Invalid Launch' errors

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Hi Folks, 

We're getting an issue with Canvas and Canvas Studio whereby if an instructor sets up an assignment with Online> File Upload type, and student submits a Canvas Studio video, an error message is given within DocViewer saying 'Invalid Launch'. This error is shown to students in the submission receipt type page, but also for staff going into SpeedGrader to grade and there doesn't seem to be anyway for staff to view the video.

I think tied to this, our assignment submission screen for students has now changed to show a big submission button for Canvas Studio (image below) but this seems at odds with the online guidance (which I think had previously worked ok): 


I have reported it to Canvas 'Tier 1' support but I don't know if they have access to a Canvas Studio install because so far their support is drawing a blank.

Any other Canvas Studio customers able to confirm if you also get this new Canvas Studio button and do you get this issue too? Here's a screen recording: https://youtu.be/mpz4Ykzpg5E

Thanks, Will (Liverpool, UK)


What students see:

assignment submission screen.png

What staff see:

speedgrader issue with studio.jpg

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Hi, @willmoin , there's a known issue with Studio uploads for institutions that have turned on Assignment Enhancements. If this applies to your school, the support agent will most likely associate your case with the engineering ticket we have open for this; if they do not, please ask them to associate it with EVAL-1504 as noted in the KI doc.


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