Canvas quiz not copying correctly to another course

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I recently had to modify a canvas "quiz" (really it's a midterm unit exam with lots of questions) I had previously created for three different sections (classic quizzes). I made the needed changes in my template section and saved it. I then attempted to copy it to my other two sections of the same course (listed on canvas as separate courses), but even though it appears on the quiz list under the new, changed name the actual quiz content does not reflect the change. It appears that some of the old questions that were deleted in the revision that I copied over are still present in the "copied" version on the other sites. I've no idea why.


The workaround will probably be to simply delete the old quiz completely from the other two sites and to re-copy the modified version, but it doesn't make sense that I would have to do this since I changed the name of the modified quiz version. I did want to keep the old quiz versions (unpublished) as possible make up exams or for a future semester.

This is now impossible anyway, as even though I changed the name of the revision I copied over, it appears to have replaced the original quiz file it was replacing anyway. The original version of this file is no longer visible after I copied the modified version over.

The first screen shot shows the version I had fully modified and copied over on the first of my canvas sections, while the second shows what that copied file looks like on one of my other class sites.

Is this a bug or an odd feature masquerading as a bug?

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