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Changing quiz points after the quiz is taken


I am using New Quizzes and have taken a quiz that includes 2 essay questions. During setting up the quiz, I must have assigned the wrong point value for the questions, and now I want to change it. The students have already taken the quiz with the wrong point value.

When I go to edit my quizzes, I am able to change the point value for each of the questions but when I access Speedgrader to grade the quiz, the student submissions show the old point value for the questions. Hence I cannot grade the questions, 

Please help. 

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Hello EhfazNowman,

My understanding is that the editing quiz alone (changing Point Value) will not work as there are student submissions already. Sadly, we have to manually regrade each student submission. You will have to get into SpeedGrader, change Point Value for the required question, and click the Regrade button.

The auto-regrade feature is only effective when you change the correct answer for a quiz question and NOT when you change the point value of a question.

Also, note that Regrading is not available for Essay or File Upload questions.

Here are a few articles that can help you with Regrading options:

PS: I read that when you regrade a question (change point value/answer options) for one student, the change will be applied to all students who received that question. I am not sure as I have not tested for multiple student submissions. Regrade expert from the Canvas Community can weigh in on this and I will be happy to learn.

Hope this helps!


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As far as I can tell from the help forums, we can't fix the wrong number of points for an essay question because for some reason essay questions have not been included in the question types that can be regraded. When you fix the question using the quiz builder, you it only fixes it for future students who will take the quiz, not those who have already attempted it.

I have basically the same problem you did: I accidentally left an essay question worth 1 point instead of the 16 it should have been, so my 20 point quiz shows up as a 5 point quiz. After reading the help forums with increasing frustration, I am using a manual work-around. I am assigning the correct number of points for the question, then updating the quiz grade. I then write down that grade (out of 20 points, in my case) and manually change the grade in the gradebook. (If I did not manually change the gradebook, then a 19.5/20 showed up as a 390%, not 97.5%.) I've also left a comment to the students--one by one--about the problem with their correct grade.

All this tedium could have been avoided if I could just have edited the total points for this question. Why Canvas has not allowed us to do so is totally beyond me. All question types should be available for regrading.