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Comment Library in Speedgrader - can only add one comment?

I just started using the Comment Library in Speedgrader.

Please tell me it is not true !!! - I can only add one comment from the Library?

After typing my own comments or entering one comment from the Comment Library - if I then choose another comment - all my previous entries are erased.

All I see is that last comment entered from the Comment Library.

Kind of makes the Comment Library very much less useful.

Is there any workaround for this behavior?

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Hi @parmana 

I tested this and had the same result.  I agree, it's very much less useful.  Almost useless for me as I rarely enter one canned response.  I guess it would be useful for late, missing, or incomplete assignments if you have a standard response.  But for more nuanced responses I would not be able to use it. 

The only work around I can think of would be to copy what you have entered into the textbox, then choose from the Comment Library, then paste back your copied text. 


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Thanks for responding gnoack.  I did something similar: I opened the Comment Library and highlighted, then copied my second canned response.  Then paste into the comment box.  It's a klutchy hack but at least is fewer keystrokes.  I'm still relying on ctrl- x, c, v, as i did ever since DOS and the days of Windows 3.11.  How little progress we make in some areas.

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Community Advocate

I would add this an an idea - this makes perfect sense that depending on the student, one may need to add more than one comment to the feedback, and to be able to pick different comments.

 (Another "hack" might be to have all the text in one large comment, add it, then delete the text that is not needed).

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I have students submit scanned copies of their homework for my math courses, and I grade them in SpeedGrader. The comment library was going to be a big help, as I make a single comment with all of their feedback, and I could save feedback of common errors for each problem. But this limitation currently kills its usefulness for me, unless I have a student that only misses one thing. I am continuing to use my copy/paste common issues from a txt file routine.