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Converting subaccount into sub-subaccount?

Hello -

I am doing some planning to restructure our sub-accounts, and I'm wondering if there is a mechanism for moving one sub-account under another sub-account.

I'm seeking to minimize the impact of this restructuring and we have faculty who use their sub-account group space for ongoing discussions. 

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Hi @bohanlon 

There does not seem to be a way to move an account within Canvas, and the API doesn't allow changing the parent_account_id either, seems like an oversight. Therefore, you're forced go to each account and assign an SIS_ID for each account (via API or within Canvas), then use the CSV SIS Imports to change the parent_account_id of the accounts you want to move.

Here's some details on how to do this with account reports.



@bohanlon and @robotcars ...

This sounds like a great candidate for a new Feature Idea where Canvas would allow for moving sub-accounts around via the User Interface.  Here are some documents that might help to get you started:

Hope this will help you a bit...take care!

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