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I am trying to create groups for an assignment. I have cross-listed my classes, so I selected to automatically create groups and select that they must be in the same section. However, Canvas grouped all sections. I want 11 groups of 3 for each section. What am I doing wrong?

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When you check the box to keep students in the same section, it means that within each single group all members need to be in the same section.  But within the Group Set it's going to create groups for members of each section. 

You say you want 11 groups with 3 students in each and that you have cross-listed sections.  You don't say how many sections you have though.   Lets assume you have 3 section.  This means you'll want to create a Group Set, and have it create 33 groups with automatic assignment and the box checked to keep students in the same section.  Canvas isn't going to distinguish which section each group is from, but it should keep students in sections together.  After the assignments have been done you could always go in and rename each group to make it more easy to see which section each group belongs to.

Here is a link to the main guide pages about Groups 

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Rick, thank you so much for your answer to Aubrey's question. Your solution worked for me too. I have an instructor with three cross-listed sections of 200, 45, and 49 students. He wanted to limit discussions to the individual sections.

Using your solution, I performed the following when creating a group set for three individual sections which worked beautifully.

  1. Did not allow self sign-up
  2. Split students into 3 groups
  3. Required group members to be in the same section.
  4. Did not assign a student group leader

Screenshot for creating groups by section

Best Regards, Liko

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