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I cannot access the dashboard after signing on. This is on an iMac - I don't have any problem accessing the site with my laptop (a MacBook Pro). The icons are just grey, slowly flickering silhouettes of the folders.

The computer is older than five years - but the processor and RAM numbers are higher than what is apparently required by Canvas.

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Hey Ken,

Are you using the same web browser and version on both computers?  When I hear of problems like you are describing it often turns out to be an unsupported web browser.  This can especially be true if you use Safari because the version of Safari is typically controlled by the version of OS you have.  In other words, unless you update to the latest version of the Mac OS you won't have the latest version of Safari.

I'm a Mac user but I prefer to use and usually advise people to use Google Chrome.  It does a great job keeping up to date (current version is 80), and even if your Mac OS is not current, usually Chrome can be updated to the most recent version.  This is true of Firefox as well.


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