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Disappearing Text

I have a teacher that is creating a content page with links to a PDF.  When in the edit screen of the page everything works and looks great.  I can verify that neither the link or the file are corrupt and open in-line as expected.  However, when we click "save" some of the text is blank and does not show up in student view either.  I have tried copying and pasting the lines of text to different areas on the page with the same result.  I have removed links and re-linked to new sources - same disappearing result. I have deleted and retyped the text - same result.  I have duplicated the page and the duplicate has the same result.  

Any thoughts?

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There must be something in the hidden html code interfering with the way it is displayed.

Try typing (not copying and pasting) on a new canvas page, and saving just to make sure your text appears.  Then go back to the same line, click next to the last word, and then use the right-side menu to insert the link to your file, by selecting files and then the specific file to insert.  You should see text the same as the file name appear on the screen.  Save that and make sure that still displays.  Once you have that working, use the link near the upper right corner of the text editor to view as html, on both this page and on the page with the problem.  You will need to interpret the differences to find and fix whatever is impacting the display of your links.  I'm sure canvas tech support can help you with that.

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Hi @fritzs this sounds super frustrating.

@Steven_S has added some excellent tips.

May I just check in to see if the PDF is published? 

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I was able to fix the issue deleting all the text and believe the issue was they way the teacher linked PDFs.  I retype the text and added the PDF as a course file and linked from there.  That seemed to fix it, but I really appreciate the way listed to search the HTML code for possible differences.  I will use that in the future.