Displaying modules to only one student, but not others

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Is it possible to show modules to only one student, but hide them from other students in the same Canvas course?

One of my students is about to leave for a military boot camp for months apparently without access to the Internet. He wants to complete the remaining modules in the coming days before he leaves. He prefers not to do it when he comes back in the fall.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Many thanks!

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From what I understand, right now there isn't the ability to only assign modules to certain students.  They are either published for all, or published for none.  You can, however, do this to the individual assignments.

You could make it so that the assignments in each of the modules are only active for this individual student, or you could create another course just for him, copy your modules over to that "fake" course to have him work through it, and then copy the grade over from that fake course to your actual course as you complete them in class....but that is a lot of work.

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