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Due dates on quizzes changing on their own

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This has been a problem now for several weeks and it's gotten frustrating enough that I'm finally posting. The situation is this:

  1. I create a quiz.
  2. I set up multiple due dates to handle a few students' situations, and then set the due date and time for "everyone else".
  3. I save it, and everything is fine.

But here is where the problem happens: If I go into the quiz and make any edits (say, I change one of the questions)...then when I save the quiz, the due date and time for "everyone else" changes to one of the due dates/times that I had set for one of the "other" students. I can easily reproduce this problem.

I can fix it: I'll go back in and edit and specifically set the "everyone else" due date/time to what I need it to be, and save it. But then...again...if I go back and make any other edits to the quiz, the "everyone else" due date/time reverts back to that same incorrect value.

If this is something I should file with tech support, I can do that, but figured I would start here in case this is a known issue.


Norm Krumpe

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Good afternoon, @krumpe ...

This sounds like something that you should definitely submit as a ticket to the folks at the Canvas Help Desk.  I do not know if they have any existing, similar tickets like what you are describing, but I would highly recommend that you report this so that they can do some further investigation.  What you've described does not sound like normal behavior to me...but more of a possible bug (that's just my opinion, though).  Please come back to this topic to provide an update when you find out more from the Canvas Help Desk staff.

Thanks...stay safe, and be well.

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