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Editing questions within groups in a migrated quiz

How do I edit questions within question groups in a quiz that was migrated to new quizzes?


I did not use question banks in the original classic quiz.  Instead I setup question groups.  But after migrating and assigning, I have found mistakes, including a question with blanks in the multiple choice responses.


In build view, I can only see "# questions pulled randomly from bank: [name of old test - group in that old test] #pts per question"

I can not view the actual questions unless I preview the quiz or moderate a student's completed quiz.  Doing that, I only see the questions that were selected for that instance and cannot edit them.

From moderate, I can regrade for mistakes in the answer key, but I can not edit the question stems and the one question that has a blank in the multiple choice responses will not let me regrade because of the blanks.  

I can edit the question in the quiz that it was migrated from but this does not appear to change the question in the new quiz.  I can find the question in an unfiled question bank, but changing it there does not appear to change the question in the new quiz.

So how do I find where the new quiz is storing the question pools so that I can edit them?


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I am having the same problem and the Canvas documentation seems to not mention question editing...

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I have the exact same issue, Canvas isn't very helpful to us instructors when it does stuff like this and offers no help.

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Hello, @jmenaker , @MartinChamorro , and @mweilan ,a few of our instructors have experienced this, and we *think* we have found a work-around for retaining access to editing/adding questions to a question group after migration. It's pretty labor intensive and involves moving the questions out of their respective group(s) and leaving the question groups "empty" prior to migration, but once the New Quiz has been imported to the course, the questions can then be added to an Item Bank created specifically for that group, and then sourcing that bank back to the question group.

Feel free to test this out and let us know if it works for you:

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