Exam Data, Distractor Point Biserial in New Quizzes

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We use all the available data via Quizzes (e.g., student counts, difficulty index, point biserial for all answer options, including distractors).

This data is incredibly valuable to us as we fine-tune our exams.

Will this type of data be available through New Quizzes? In other words, will we (soon?!) be able to download the item analysis spreadsheet for New Quizzes the way we are in Quizzes?

(We would be exceedingly grateful...)

Thanks for your consideration. LR

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@roganliz You may be interested in this timeline:


I know Canvas recently appointed a new Product Lead for new quizzes development and that they are looking at having more parody between the two versions before classic is depreciated.  

I also know all the CSMs have been in contact with the product lead to address many of the issues the Canvas users have been bringing up.

If you have contact with a CSM or if you can mention this to your Canvas admin that have contact with them, it would probably be something to bring up to make sure it is on the radar.

Hope that helps!


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