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I graded an assignment and a few students did a revise & resubmit. When they submitted their revision, it showed up as an ungraded icon in the grade book again. I graded the revisions, but the ungraded icon is still there. When I click on the icon, it shows as graded. How can I remove the ungraded icon?

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Hello there, @SEI and @sabajt ...

I just had an instructor ask me about this as well earlier this week.  After talking with a co-worker, I learned there is a link within SpeedGrader you need to click on to fix this issue.  So, in your course, go to the assignment in question, and then access the SpeedGrader for that assignment.  Then, go to the student where the icon is showing up instead of a numerical score.  On the right side of your screen, under where you would see the score for the student's assignment, you should see a link that says, "Use this same grade for the resubmission".  This should fix the issue for you on your "Grades" page so that the number shows instead of an icon.  You can see an illustration of this on How do I use SpeedGrader? (look at the first image under the heading "View SpeedGrader").

I hope this will help both of you.  Let Community members know if you have any other questions about this...thanks!

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