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Greyed Out Discussion Topic in Students Module

I am trying to use the discussion board for the first time and I am having trouble.  I created my assignment and the discussion board to go with it.  I published the assignment and discussion board for all classes AND set the access date to 8/26, but the students can not access it.  They can see it in their list in the module, but it is greyed out and it won't let them click on it.  Is there something I am missing?

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Community Team
Community Team

@djustice22  I'm so sorry that your question has been out here so long without a response! I'm wondering about the creation of an assignment and a discussion board; when a discussion is set to Graded, it is an assignment, so I'm curious to know more about how you applied this assignment-discussion combo in your classes.

I hope that by now you've resolved this; do you have a moment to share the solution?