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Help will adding the APEX app to Canvas

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When I try to add an app to my Canvas course it asks for a Shared Secret and a a Key. Please tell me where I would find this info for the APEX app.


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If you are a teacher, then check with your local Canvas Admin and see if they have this information already. If you are the Canvas Admin or if the Canvas Admin does not have the information, then you will need to get that information from your operations manager at Apex Learning.

When you go to add the Apex Learning app, it says:

This application requires that your school or district have an existing account with Apex Learning.

For more information, visit

Existing customers can email to learn about integration options.

A few paragraphs down, it says:

This app complies with the LTI standard, and all communication is secured with TLS. You must be an existing Apex Learning client and obtain a key and secret from your operations manager to use this app. If you do not know who your operations manager is, please contact

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