Hide specific assignments from "Course Summary" list?

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On the "Syllabus" page in Canvas there's a Course Summary, which seems to consist of a list of all the assignments and their due dates. Is there a way to hide certain assignments from this list? Specifically, I'd like it to show only those assignments that have due dates, or are not designated "not graded"; I'd like it to only be a list of assignments that are things students have to actually do at a specific time.

(In my specific case, I want the Course Summary to list exercises and papers, but not reading assignments—I have reading assignments listed as a section on the Assignments page, but I don't want them treated like other assignments on the Course Summary page.)

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Happy to be corrected, but it appears to me that the syllabus page is automatically generated and has no controls or filters. There are also no assignment properties which affect how the syllabus page will show it.

You can't change what is displayed on the syllabus page.

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