Hiding Assignments in Teacher's View of Gradebook

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I have a teacher who imported course information from last year's class.  She'd like to hide some of her assignments in her Gradebook view, as they all are showing up (whether graded or unassigned yet) in her view of her portal.  Is there a way to hide them from view so she doesn't have to scroll through all of them to get to the actual assignments she has assigned and received?

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Hi  @kellyhelmstette  - Yes, IF your institution or the instructor is using the New Gradebook. There are variety of sorting options and filtering options (such as by assignment group, modules, and more) as covered here: How do I arrange columns in the New Gradebook? and here: How do I filter columns by type in the New Gradebook? . With the legacy/old gradebook....well, not so much.  If you (like us) have the New Gradebook as a Feature Option that faculty can choose to enable on their own on a course-by-course basis, this may be a good time to suggest it to that faculty member. Smiley Happy  (Especially since it will be on for everyone on January 20, 2020.)

Hope this helps a bit, Kelly.

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